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What Are The Multiple Job Options Available In Data Science?

Data Science is the new-age scientific technology that has achieved wide-spread in the industries across all the verticals. Amid the rising demand for Data Science, it has become a lucrative career option with salary packages ranging as high as $143,500 and above for the skilled & expert Data Science professionals. Data Science job-roles are like hot cakes & the job-role of a Data Scientist has already been termed as the sexiest job role of the 21st century.

As business operations around the world are slowly becoming more data centric, this has led to the impeccable rise in the demand for Data Science professionals all-around the world. Even in India, the analytics job market is in boom & many multinational IT companies and new start-up businesses are recruiting Data Science talent at large.

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Now, let’s look at the different job options that are available in Data Science.

  • Data Scientist

Data Scientists are the skilled experts in Data Science who are capable of finding solution to any of the complex data related business problems. These professionals have good business acumen and are capable of handling any form of analytical challenges. They make use of advanced data analytical tools, techniques & algorithms to make accurate interpretations out of the structured & unstructured formats of data

Critical Skill Sets-Programming skills (R, Python & SQL), Statistics, Probability, Data Modeling, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and many other skills.  

  • Data Analyst

They are skilled analytical professionals who will be bridging the gap between Data Scientists and Business Analysts.  Data Scientists would be dealing with statistical techniques on data to find solution to the complex business problems.

Critical Skill Sets-Programming skills (R, Python), Statistical, Probability, Data Modeling, & more

  • Data Engineer

They are the skilled Data Science professionals who deal with different data management techniques and infrastructure needs & assumable data for querying by Data Scientists.

Critical Skill Sets- Programming languages (Java, Scala), NoSQL Databases, Hadoop

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