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Best Practices In DevOps Software Development Process

DevOps is a new age software development process which is an amalgamation IT operations and software development practices. DevOps strategies works towards reducing the time taken for software development cycle to complete and sets up the development and testing environment to achieve continuous delivery with higher quality software. Most of the processes in DevOps are derived from other Agile practices and both Agile & DevOps software development process go hand-in-hand.

Most of the modern days IT & Software development enterprises are working towards improving the quality of their software development process, by integrating new-age cost effective solutions. In this regard, many enterprises are relying on DevOps software development & are seeing it as an opportunity to improve their company’s processes without having to spend the money required for expensive infrastructure setup or without the need to hire software engineers to do the work for you.

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Some of the best practices in DevOps include:

  • System Change Tracking

Enterprises need to ensure that all the changes to their infrastructure must be tracked. This tracking can be done either manually or through log files or they can also use integrated reporting software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. The tracking system should be able to track all the phases of the software lifecycle. This form of tracking approach can help the enterprises in evaluating the software’s impact on the business and identify areas in need of improvement.

  • Code Testing

To develop a high-quality product that meets the technical requirements of the client or end user, code which is provided by the development teams must be aggressively tested. In DevOps, both development & testing are continuous process that gets simultaneously executed So, by identifying the code defects within the initial stages of the development process, will result in highly-quality end product.

  • Release Management

At every stage of the release process there will be some sort of issues that needs to be addressed before the project is deployed. A Release Management plan would ensure that all the issues are fixed to precession before they can become major problems which negatively impact the customer or the production environment.

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