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Latest Skills in Data Science That Need To Be Mastered In 2020

Data Science is the new-age analytics industry revolution that is redefining the way in which enterprises across the industry verticals function. The use of Data Science isn’t confined to any one particular industry and has numerous applications that help the businesses to scale and grow. For instance, by analyzing the customer data, Data Science can help the enterprises in preventing Churn which would otherwise be impossible to handle.

Amid the rising popularity of Data Science, the demand for the skilled professionals in this industry is out spacing the demand for any other IT or software professionals. To secure a career in the field of Data Science, one needs to develop extensive skills in handling the latest tools, techniques & algorithms that are associated with Data Science.

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Latest Skills in Data Science That Need To Be Mastered In 2020:

  • Deep Learning

Deep Learning, a subset of Machine Learning is one of the latest innovations in AI. Several smart applications of Deep Learning are like Image Recognition and NLP are proving to be of help. If you develop skills in relation to these aspects of Data Science, you would surely be in an advantageous position at the time of your Data Science hiring process.

  • AutoML

Most of the routine Data Science job roles like data collection, cleansing & such can be automated by using AutoML. This automated approach will help the Data Scientists to set their complete focus on more challenging tasks like analyzing data & developing models.

  • Data Visualization

Data Visualization has always been a crucial skill set in the inventory of a Data Scientist. Several latest Data Visualizing tools have been developed that would help the Data Scientists in communicating their findings from Big Data through attractive visuals. So, having knowledge of these latest tools becomes very crucial.

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