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Prominent Tools In Data Science For Accurate Data Analysis

Big Data has nowadays become an integral part of every enterprises business development strategy. This use of data isn’t limited to any one particular field & enterprises around the world are investing several billions of dollars to acquire Big Data & on the technologies that help in extracting a value from it.

The growing prominence of Big Data has also impacted the social media sector. Having realized the power of social medial channels, most of the enterprises these days have started taking their business to the social media platforms. By analyzing the data that is generated from the social media sector, enterprises can get a clear idea of their changing customer needs & market trends.

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Now, let’s have a look at the list of prominent data analysis tools in Data Science for social media platforms.

  • R Studio

If you are looking for a data analysis tool that supports extensive customization, then opting for R Studio would be the ideal choice. The best aspect of using this tool is that it supports both Windows and Mac.  

  • IBM Watson Analytics

If you are from a non-programming background & whishes to get started in Data Science by working on the tools that doesn’t require much of coding work then going with IMB Watson would the perfect choice. Using this tool you can even perform predictive analytics operations.

  • BigML

If you are looking for the tool that supports in working on predictive algorithms in Machine Learning then going with BigML would be the ideal choice. This tools helps users to automate their Machine Learning workflows.

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