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Effective Data Story Telling Process In Data Science

Data has nowadays become a major essential commodity for the enterprises business development process. Every business activity generates data of some type & majority of the enterprises these days are having large reserves of Big Data. These enterprises rely on advanced analytics models in Data Science to accurately interpret with the insights from Big Data that empowers the stakeholders to make accurate data driven smart business decisions.

One of the crucial aspects in the Data Analysis & Business Intelligence process in Data Science is Data Storytelling. Data Scientists need to be well proficient in handling the tools & techniques involved that are involved in the Data Storytelling process. Become an all-round Data Science professional by mastering the core cognitive analytics skills with the help of Data Science Training In Hyderabad program by experts. 

What Exactly Is Data Storytelling?

Data Storytelling is the process of communicating the insights from Big Data to the business stakeholders & help them in their decision making process. To effectively perform the Data Storytelling process, Data Scientists make extensive use of interactive Data Visualization tools like Tableau.

Effective Data Storytelling process involves the following sequence of steps

  • Knowing The Stakeholders

To effectively narrate the findings from the data, Data Scientists should be clearly aware of their stakeholders skill level. They should understand whether stakeholders are looking for in-depth or just top level reporting & based on the analysis they should plan their data storytelling process. .

  • Keep The Context As Simple As Possible 

The context should kept as simple as possible so that the stakeholders can easily understand the findings & make strategic decisions accordingly.

  • Design Attractive Visuals

Effective Data Storytelling can only be done through attractive visuals. Advanced Data Visualization tools like Tableau can help in attractive visual representation of insights from the data with the help of interactive dashboards.

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