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How Exactly Would You Differentiate Automated Testing & Continuous Testing In DevOps

The software/application development process across the IT or Business sector relies heavily on development & testing processes. Inside the development process, developer team will be developing the code as per the application requirement & processes for testing. In the testing process, the code is validated against functional and non-functional requirements.

Testing is a crucial process in the application/software development process as it helps in evaluating the overall performance in accordance to the clients requirements. Inside the DevOps software/application development process, testing is a continuous process & is mostly automated with the help of advanced testing tools throughout the development process. The agile & lean strategies in DevOps helps the enterprises to deploy their code to production faster than in any other process.

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Now, let’s work towards understanding the differences between Automated Testing & . Continuous Testing processes.

  • Automated Testing

In the automated testing process, the entire process of testing is done with the help of automated testing tools that are developed with application specific testing scripts. This process of testing doesn’t involve much of human interference.

  • Continuous Testing

In the continuous testing process, sequence of tests is performed following code integration. This process to rely heavily on testing tools that are built using the test scripts

The major difference in these processes is that in the automation testing process that gets integrated with the mainline & then the relevant test scripts are written to test the code shared by the developers but in the continuous testing process the test scripts are developed to prior to the development of the code.

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