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List Of The Popular Services By Amazon Web Services 

The present digital age is being dominated by analytics & cloud computing technologies. Speaking of cloud technology, there are many enterprises which are offering on-demand cloud services over the internet.  The best part about using cloud solutions is that they help in offering high security, scalability, and reliability for various business applications.

Until the advent of Cloud revolution, the process of developing applications or delivering services used to be a hassle task as it involves aspects like setting up data center, server installations, designing storage arrays. The advent of cloud has completely revolutionized these set of processes which can now be handled with just a few clicks. Amazon Web Services is currently the cloud computing industry leader that delivers over thousand different cloud services on-demand & adopts an optimized pay-per-use pricing model.

As the AWS cloud career opportunities are on this rise, this is the perfect time to master the core cloud skills involving AWS that will get you hired. Industry-concentric AWS Training In Hyderabad program offered by Kelly Technologies will help you in this regard.

Now, let’s look at the list of most essential cloud services offered by AWS.


Using AWS AMI we can easily deploy instances in the cloud. AWS AMI is like a virtual machine which is just like the implication of your local server in the cloud. This service is mostly responsible for the several benefits of using cloud computing.

  • AWS AppSync

AWS APPSybc is a popular cloud based service offered by AWS that helps in keeping the mobile/web applications up to date. This is a scalable service whose functionality can be adjusted as per the application requirement.

  • Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena is the best cloud based storage service offered by AWS. It is the most secured cloud based storage service. With Amazon Athena, users don’t require local database to execute operations rather they can use SQL queries for the same.

  • Amazon Connect

This service is very useful for small businesses to empower their customer service. It saves a lot of storage by operating over the cloud & it follows an optimized pay-as-you-go pricing model & is also simple to navigate.

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