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Strategies You Need To Know Before Adopting DevOps

DevOps is a widely spread phenomenon in the enterprises software/application delivery process. The software delivery process in the DevOps work culture is completely different from the traditional waterfall software delivery process. Deploying strategies in DevOps in the software delivery process will benefit the enterprises in the form of decreased time period in the production lifecycle, continuous software delivery, frequent updates with zero or minimal errors, faster time to market & more. 

Before getting started with DevOps, enterprises need to get a clear idea of DevOps strategies & how exactly are they going to help them in achieving their desired goals. DevOps strategies mainly focus on achieving collaboration between the Development and Operations teams to deploy code to production faster. It also relies heavily on automated test strategies that help to test the code uninterruptedly.

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Now, in this post, let’s have a look at the strategies that enterprises need to know before adopting DevOps.

  • Continuous Improvement

DevOps strategies help in eliminating wastage by setting complete focus on continuous improvement.  With DevOps, enterprises can continuously speed up the improvement of product or services offered.

  • Automate Everything

Automation is a crucial part of the DevOps strategies. Automation in DevOps isn’t just limited to software development process but it should be deployed throughout infrastructure landscape.

  • Monitor & Test Everything

Deploying robust monitoring & testing procedures throughout the delivery process is also a crucial strategy in DevOps.

  • Work As One Team

DevOps focuses of promoting collaborative work culture where the cross functional teams in the software/application development process will be working collaboratively with shared goals & objectives.

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