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Leading Job-Roles In Amazon Web Services-Career In AWS

Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud based service provider that has over several millions of customer base around the world. Most of the IT & Business & Startup based enterprises are readily hiring skilled & certified cloud professionals in AWS. However, the global cloud industry is facing shortage of skilled experts in AWS owing to various reasons.

Step up for the rising high-paying career opportunities in AWS by successfully completing different certifications.  Most of you might be wondering what sort of jobs you can take up upon successfully the AWS cloud certification exams. There is a wide range of job opportunities that are available in AWS.

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Now, let’s look at some of the most trending AWS job-roles which you can apply upon successful completion of your AWS certification.

  • AWS Operational Support Engineer

The responsibilities of an AWS Operational Support Engineer would be monitoring & resolving all sorts of operational issues. They are also responsible for the task of managing the resource upgrades in the organization environment.

Average yearly salary: $59,000-$92,000

  • Cloud Software Engineer

These experts are skilled in handling programming languages like Python, C++, JavaScript, or Ruby & are responsible for the task of designing and implementing new software services and systems.

Average yearly salary: $63,000 – $93,000

  • System Integrator Cloud

AWS Cloud System Integrators are the experts who are responsible for the task of handing deployment and troubleshooting issues. These professionals are having in-depth understanding of cloud computing and information systems.

Average yearly salary: $81,000

  • Cloud Developer

These professionals are responsible for the task of developing software services and enterprise-level applications. Having experience in working in software developer environment & knowledge of cloud orchestration tools is very much essential to excel in career in the job-role of a Cloud Developer.

Average yearly salary: $95,000

  • AWS Solutions Architect

These professionals are responsible for the task of building, and maintaining cost effective & scalable AWS cloud environments. These experts are the most in-demand & one of the highest paid experts in the cloud industry.

Average yearly salary: $98,000 – $150,000

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