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What Makes AWS As The Most Reliable Cloud Service Provider?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular cloud platform that offers on-demand cloud services to the clients over the internet.  At present, Amazon is the most loved cloud service provider as developing applications or hosting services with its custom cloud-based solutions is a lot easier than any other cloud service provider.

The well flexible AWS cloud services support the execution of  game development, data processing, warehousing and many more. Also, AWS presents the enterprises with the choice of choosing servers according to their own needs & requirements. As the prominence for AWS services is rapidly growing, this is the perfect time to step into the rising cloud-based job market of AWS. Master the knowledge of all the cognitive cloud skills involving AWS by being a part of Kelly Technologies advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program by experts.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most promising features of AWS that makes it more reliable

Best AWS Features

Amazon Web Services has several innovative & user-friendly features which makes it more reliable among different firms. The best-loved features of AWS are

Mobile-Friendly Access-

This feature includes two things:

  • AWS Mobile Hub:

This feature is compatible with both Android & IOS platforms. This feature includes an advanced console which allows the users to access a wide range of AWS services like development, testing, and monitoring of the mobile applications.

  • AWS Mobile SDK:

This feature lets your app to acquire direct access to Amazon Web Services such as DynamoDB, S3, and Lambda. This feature is well compatible with many platforms like IOS, Android, Unity and is also supported across several other platforms.

Serverless Cloud Functions-

AWS users can efficiently run their code & scale it whenever required by making use of Amazon API and Amazon Gateways. Users can upload their code from almost anywhere through their mobile phones. Users no longer need to be worried about servers as AWS itself manages them.


The storage services offered by Amazon are best known for their features like being economical, flexible and easy to use. Users can make use its storage services either independently as well as in combination as per their product requirement.

Apart from these features, AWS is also best known for its security & compliance & also because of its relational databases.

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