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How Machine Learning Is Related To Data Science?

Data Science is a multidisciplinary field the requires extensive use of advanced Statistical Modelling, Mathematical Applications, Data Modelling Techniques, Algorithm Modelling, Data Visualization & more. To excel in a Data Science career, being expertise in traditional data analytics skills wouldn’t alone be sufficient. Extensive skills in advanced Data Mining Tools, Programming Skills, Machine Leaning Algorithms, Predictive Modelling & also having knowledge of smart Artificial Intelligence applications would be very crucial.

To help their organizations scale & grow, Data Scientists need to be full-fledged in handling full spectrum of the Data Science life cycle and possess. Knowledge of applications involving Machine Learning is also very crucial to excel in career as a Data Science expert.

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Now, in this post, let’s understand how Machine Learning is related to Data Science.

Machine Learning & Data Science-

Machine Learning along with Artificial Intelligence are among the very crucial technologies that are closely associated with Data Science. The major application of Machine Learning ion Data Science is to make precisely accurate predictions, and to algorithmically decipher the unknown correlations & patterns that are hidden deep inside the data.

The concept that is involved predictive modelling is to train the data set with predictive models. This model is used in the fraud detection techniques. By training the fraud detection model with users historical data, we can easily track the fraud purchases. This model then accurately predicts the chance of occurrence of new fraudulent transactions of purchases.

The applications of Machine Learning techniques & algorithms are very curial in the Data Science toolbox. Data Scientists would be deciding which methodology he/she should be applying to best address the problem in hand.

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