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Benefits of Using DevOps in Enterprises Software Development Process

DevOps is one of the most extensively used cultures in the enterprise’s enterprise’s software/application development process. By setting complete focus on lean & agile software delivery practices & deploying automation throughout the delivery process lifecycle, it aims towards achieving enhanced productive margins, continuous software delivery & user-friendly updates. DevOps strategies also help the enterprises to release their software/applications into the market more frequently & help them stay competitive. Continuous testing, Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery are among the core strategies of DevOps software delivery process. 

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In this post, let’s look at the reasons that make DevOps crucial for the Enterprises Software development process.

  • Eliminates Delay In The Processes

 DevOps strategies ensure achieving rapid delivery in the software/application development processes. The agile approach in DevOps ensures that both the development & testing teams will be operating simultaneously without the need to wait for the resources, as in the case of the traditional waterfall software development process.

  • Early Identification Of Defects

The collaborative work approach between the development & operation teams helps to detect & address the bugs in the initial stages of the development process itself. Continuous testing & monitoring makes sure that the final product stays error-free.

  • Rapid Code Development

Inside the DevOps software delivery process, developers will be working on a programmable dynamic infrastructure that lets them develop code more efficiently. Developers will also be making use of automated coding options that take away the burden of complex coding.

Apart from these, there are several other ways DevOps strategies can benefit the enterprise’s software/application development process. Work towards achieving a better understanding of the DevOps software delivery culture by being a part of the Kelly Technologies DevOps training program.

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