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AWS Identity & Access Management Best Security Practices

Amazon Web Services is currently the leading cloud based service provider on a global level. Till the advent AWS, most of the enterprises weren’t much confident about migrating their data to the cloud due to security concerns.  Enterprises sensitive data would often get easily exploited by cyber attackers. This is where AWS has become very crucial.  The security issues in the traditional cloud solutions have been well handled by the multi-tier cloud security model in AWS.

The cloud solutions offered by AWS are completely aren’t just simply reliable but are also highly secured. AWS ensures its customers trust by brining continuous updates to its security models thereby making it impossible for the cyber attackers to manipulate its users’ data. It ensures utmost prominence to its users’ data privacy policy. This is the reason why there’s such a huge demand for the wide range of cloud solutions offered by AWS.

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In this post, let’s look at the AWS Identity & Access Management Best Practices.

AWS Identity & Access Management-

AWS IAM is an advanced services using which users can gain provisioning & access control capabilities. With IAM, administrators can now easily allocate granular permissions to users and groups while limiting the access to AWS APIs and resources.

The best practices to make the most out of IAM service are

  • Whenever there’s any need to create IAM policies, proper care must be taken to ensure that they are attached to groups or roles rather than individual users. This is to restrict the individual users from getting unwanted permissions. 
  • Users must always grant access to a resource using IAM rather simply allocating individual credentials for access. This helps in restricting any unauthorized access to  the resources in the case of miss placed or lost credentials.
  • Administrators should be giving minimal access privileges to the users that only allow them to fulfill their responsibilities.

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