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How Data Visualization Is Being Used In Data Science?

Data Science has nowadays become the most extensively used technology in the field of Big Data. The use of analytics models in Data Science in the business intelligence process empowers the stakeholders to make accurate data-driven strategic decisions. Being multidisciplinary in nature, Data Science relies extensively on the use of applications in programming, statistical, mathematical & data modelling, data visualization & several other techniques.

Data Visualization is a crucial step in the data analysis process that helps in visual depiction of the insights from Big Data. The use of Data Visualization in business will help the enterprises to better understand their customer spending, needs and also helps in exploring unforeseen revenue opportunities. These benefits are encouraging enterprises to invest heavily on advanced Data Visualization tools & software like Tableau.

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Now, in this post, let’s have a look at the latest trends in Data Visualization.

  • Data Democratization

This is the process of making the data available for everyone in the organization to access. Data Democratization empowers the employees to make accurate data driven strategic decisions at the right time that can benefit the organizations to scale & grow.

  • Data Storytelling

This is the process of explaining the findings from the data to the stakeholders in an easily understandable format. For effective Data Storytelling process, Data Scientists are relying on interactive Data Visualization tools like Tableau.      

  • Data Governance

This process has nowadays become very much mandatory for the enterprises of all types to safeguard their sensitive data. This process involves allocation of permissions, rules for use related to data.  

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