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Application Hosting With Amazon Web Services

Until the advent of cloud computing services, enterprises extensively relied on traditional server based hosting services. The major drawback of using this type of hosting service is that enterprises were needed build & maintain infrastructure to run on-premises applications & also their applications faced severe downtime issues at the peak hours of traffic. However the whole scenario has got changed with the advent of cloud based hosting services.

By making use of secured cloud based hosting services, businesses can consume applications that are hosted online. This approach helps the enterprises in availing numerous benefits like low cost payment models & seamless upgrades in functionality. Downtime is no longer an issue for the enterprises & they can scale up or scale down their resource power based on their application needs. Cloud based hosting services that are offered by AWS are best trusted cloud solutions for the enterprises around the world. Grasp in-depth knowledge of different cloud based services offered by AWS with the help of Kelly Technologies AWS Training in Hyderabad program.

Benefits Of Using AWS For Application Hosting-

By subscribing to cloud hosting with AWS, users can avail the use of Amazon EC2. It helps the users to resize the computing power in the cloud. Amazon EC2 also provides users access to a management console and APIs that help them in accessing their computing resources.

Users can also make use of Amazon S3 to retrieve their data at anytime from anywhere around the world using internet. This feature makes AWS cloud hosting as the most reliable hosting solution.

Users can also make use of Amazon RDS to manage their relational database in the cloud. It is a cost effective solution that benefits the users by saving a lot of time which they usually spend on database administration tasks.

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