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How Exactly Is Data Science Different From Data Visualization?

Everyone must be clearly aware of the fact that Data Science is a multidisciplinary field. It makes use of advanced Statistical Modeling, Analytical Models, Machine Learning algorithms & Data Visualization techniques to accurately interpret with large volumes of Big Data to extract actionable insights from it. Data Visualization is an advanced concept in Data Science that works towards depicting the findings from the data in the form of attractive visuals.

Data Visualization is a prominent skill set for the Data Scientists with the help of which they can visually depict their findings from the data to stakeholders. Effective Data Storytelling can only be made possible if you have efficient skills in Data Visualization. Tableau is one of the most extensively used tools in relation to Data Visualization.  Grasp real-world skills in relation to handling tools & techniques involving Data Science by getting enrolled for the comprehensive Data Science Training in Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s understand how Data Visualization is different from Data Science.

To better understand the concept of Data Science & Data Visualization, let us give you the example of the use of Recommender Systems in the content streaming industry. Most of you might be aware of the popular online content streaming platform of Netflix. It is one of the largest video streaming platforms the presents its users with accurate video recommendations by analyzing their web activity & their historical data. To present users with accurate recommendations, Data Scientists represent (visualize) the user’s web activity & then the data is subjected to recommender engine.

To simply explain context, Data visualization is a subset of Data Science. As mentioned earlier, being a multidisciplinary field, Data Science makes use o0f several process & techniques to accurately interpret with large volumes of Big Data to extract actionable insights. Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, EDA, Predictive Modeling, Data visualization & several other techniques have their own prominence in Data Science.

Aspirants who are curious to build their career in the field of Data Science, they need to be efficiently skilled in all the core models & analytics techniques that are used in this field. Transit your career successfully into Data Science with the help of the advanced Data Science training program by Kelly Technologies.

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