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Prominent Compute Services Offered By AWS

Cloud Computing is one of the leading innovative technologies that is completely transforming the enterprises data storage process. The term cloud simply relates to the process of storing and accessing data over the cloud by using internet. Storing the data over the cloud eliminates the need to maintain dedicated local servers as users can access their data from a remote server.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Service is a leading cloud computing platform that offers ready-to-use reliable & highly secured cloud solutions over the internet. Cloud services offered by AWS aren’t just scalable but are also highly cost effective.

AWS is developed with a combination of IaaS, PaaS & SaaS offerings & currently it is the leading cloud market share holder of IaaS. It is also the world’s largest cloud service provider with its bases setup across all around the world.  Build a successful career in the leading & innovative cloud computing technology of AWS with the help of our advance AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s look at the prominent compute services offered by AWS.

AWS Compute Services

  • EC2

It is a virtual machine in the cloud & can be used whenever required & its operation is also quite simple.

  • LightSail 

If you are looking for the best cloud tool that can automatically deploy & manage the computer, storage, and networking capabilities for your applications then using Ligght Sail will be the ideal choice. 

  • Elastic Beanstalk

With this cloud computing tool, users can gain access automated deployment & provisioning of resources for your web application needs.

  • EKS

If you are willing to use Kubernetes on AWS environment then using EKS will be the ideal choice. It lets users to se Kubernetes directly on AWS without the need for any manual installation.

  • AWS Lambda

This is one of the most extensively used cloud computing tool in AWS that let users run functions in the cloud. Users will only be paying when they execute any functions.

Know more in-depth about the different compute services in AWS & work towards becoming an early leader in the cloud industry by being a part of Kelly Technologies AWS training program.

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