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Data Scientist vs Data Engineer

As the world is transforming digitally, enterprises across different verticals are working on integrating Big Data & Analytical solutions into the business process to adhere digital transformation. Speaking of analytics, the most commonly heard term would be Data Science. Being interdisciplinary in nature, Data Science incorporates several tools, techniques & algorithms to dive deep inside big data & extract knowledgeable insights from it. Data Science has now become a major essential commodity that fuels the enterprises business development process. 

With the growing prominence for data analytical solutions in business, enterprises across various domains are recruiting skilled & certified professionals in Data Science. The job-roles of Data Scientists & Data Engineers are considered as the most in-demand job-roles in the Data Science industry. Data Scientist job-role is termed as the sexist job role in 21st century. Both Data Scientist & Data Engineer job-roles are considered to be having equal prominence. Equip yourself with latest skills in analytics to handle the challenges in the trending Data Science job-roles with the help of our intense Data Science Training In Hyderabad program.

Data Scientist vs Data Engineer:

  • Data Scientists

Data Scientists are the skilled Data Science experts who can literally play with Big Data on their fingertips. As a part of their job-role, Data Scientists need to have in-depth Business & Data Understanding, Preparing the data for modeling, Statistical analysis & Visualize the explored insights. These professionals will also be working on Machine Learning algorithms to develop accurate predictive models. 

These professionals are skilled in handling Data Science tools like R, Python, SAS, SQL. Data Scientists can expect salary packages as high as $135,000 per anum.

  • Data Engineers

The job role of a Data Engineer involves developing, constructing, testing and maintaining architectures of databases. These professionals also explore new ways to ensure that data quality remains intact for accurate analysis.  These professionals have strong command over MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Hive, and Sqoop.  Data Engineer can expect salary packages as high as $124,000 per anum.

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