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Different Cloud Deployment Models

The growing prominence of Cloud based solutions offered by AWS in the industries across almost all the verticals must be well clear to everyone. AWS is best known for offering on-demand cloud services that help the enterprises in managing their Storage, Networking, Computing, Database, Infrastructure, Analytics & other cloud needs. The other prominent leaders in the cloud industry are, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and others who also deliver on-demand cloud solutions to their clients. Despite of the growing competition in the cloud technology, AWS has managed to stay on the top as the global cloud industry leader.

The best thing about using cloud services for your enterprises needs is that it, with cloud, you don’t need to invest on setting up & managing infrastructure. Your enterprises infrastructure needs will be taken care virtually by your cloud service provider with a low cost pay-per-use pricing model. Know more in-depth about the list of prominent cloud solutions offered by AWS with the help of our advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Different Types Of Cloud Deployment Models:

Cloud deployment models can be classified into the following types

  • Public Cloud Deployment Model

This form of cloud deployment model is supports all the users who wish to leverage the benefits of cloud resources like storage, hosting memory, etc. This form of cloud model is best fits the needs of academic, business or government organization for managing their application development, testing, email service & other critical operations.

  • Private Cloud Deployment Model

This form of cloud deployment model is meant for private enterprises for managing their infrastructure needs. The infrastructure will be managed by their cloud service provider.  Compared to public clouds, private cloud model is a bit costly. The major benefit of this form of cloud model is better security & privacy.

  • Hybrid Cloud

This form of cloud model operations is in combination of both Public Cloud & Private Cloud models. It enables proprietary software for communication between each distinct service.

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