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How Much Can Data Scientist & Data Analyst Earn in India?

India has the biggest job market for Data Science job-roles. Many top multinational companies and start-ups have stepped into the venture of offering data analytical services & this has led to the surge in the demand for skilled Data Science professionals in India.  According to a report by Naukri, India’s leading job search portal, estimated 25,000+ jobs vacancies are there in India for the role of a Data Scientist. Linked stats on Data Science job vacancies in India also support this statement. As pert their 2015 stats, Indian analytics job market has creating more than 2.3 million jobs. In the year 2018; more than 2.9 million jobs have been created in Data Science & this trend continuous to grow.

Many companies in India are recruiting the Data Scientist & this growing need for Data Science skills in India isn’t going to down anytime soon. As per a recent business report, post this COVID pandemic, the Indian analytics industry would require more than 50,000 Data Scientist and Machine Learning professionals. This clearly depicts how massive is the demand for Data Science in India. Secure a career in this revolutionary field of Data Science by being a part of our exclusive Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

How Much Can A Data Scientist Earn In India?

As per the current Indian analytics market stats, on an average, a Data Scientist earns $1,029,665 per annum. You can expect much higher salaries based on your skills & area of expertise.

A skilled and experienced Data Scientist is offered salary as high as $3.5 million per anum.

There is a plenty of scope to excel in a career as a Data Scientist in India. Many working IT & Non-IT professionals in India are showing interest in migrating their career into Data Science. You can master the core cognitive skills in Data Science & become an early leader in this industry by joining our Kelly Technologies exclusive Data Science Course in Hyderabad program. 

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