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Data Science Skills To Witness Rise In Demand After COVID Pandemic

Everyone must be clearly aware of the COVID-19 pandemic & the great havoc it has created across different industries. There’s a recession like situation all over the world with IT & Business sectors getting impacted the most. However, despite of all the negative effects, this pandemic has let every enterprise to realise the prominence of new-age data-driven technologies like Data Science, AI & Machine Learning. Most of the IT & Business & government authorities across the world are now heavily relying on these data-driven technologies to get their economies back on track. Owing to the same reason there’s an uprise tide for the adoption of Data Science across various industries, & this has led to the upsurge in the demand of Data Science skills.

As per a survey conducted by Analytics India Magazine, it has be revealed that more than 92% of the world leaders are of the view that post-COVID, there will be an unprecedented demand for the field of analytics, & so many organizations would be coming forward to hire the best skilled professionals in Data Science at large.

The demand for Data Science skills already gardening all the attention in recent years, & post this COVID pandemic, Data Science has become the need of the hour for the enterprises across varied industries to get their businesses back on track. According to a research report the demand for Data Scientists was up 32% in 2019 compared to the prior year & posts the COVID pandemic its demand has raised much further.

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