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DevOps Vs Agile: What’s The Difference?

DevOps can be interpreted as a new age IT software/application development culture that best handle the drawbacks of the traditional waterfall based software development approach. DevOps strategies work towards shortening the software development cycle and offer consistent, automated delivery of high quality software by combining the IT operations & software development processes. DevOps software delivery approach comes with several unique characteristics that set it apart from traditional software delivery processes. Build expertise in DevOps with the help of our advanced DevOps Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s understand the similarities and differences between DevOps and Agile?

Agile values

Agile is governed by the Agile Manifesto, which defines 12 principles:

  • Customer satisfaction is given ultimate prominence
  • Changes can be done at any time in the development process
  • Software would be frequently released throughout the process.
  • Both development and business will be working in collaboration
  • Build projects around motivated people
  • Effective communication between the teams
  • Existing software resources would be determining the extent of success
  • Sustainable development
  • Monitors technical excellence and good design
  • Simplicity is essential
  • Empowers the organizing teams to deliver effective results
  • Adjusting the behaviour of work based on the progress

DevOps Values-

Inside DevOps software development process, there will not be any walls between development and operations & the relation between the cross functional teams are no longer soil as in the case of traditional development processes.

The ‘three ways’ based on which DevOps principles are defined are

  • Principles of flow
  • Principles of feedback
  • Principles of continuous learning

DevOps vs Agile-

  • Software development, testing, and deployment operations will be taking place commonly n both DevOps & Agile processes. The major difference is that, agile tends to stop after these three stages, whereas these operations will be happening in a continuous cyclic way in DevOps.
  • In agile, developing, testing, and deploying operations are managed by individual teams, where in DevOps, DevOps Engineering role is are responsible for everything.
  • DevOps focuses on diminishing the costs, and agile is more synonymous with lean and reducing waste. Agile will be working towards embodying empiricism instead of predictive measures.

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