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What Is The Role Of AWS Solution Architect vs AWS Support In A Migration Project?

AWS Solution Architect is an expert professional in the field of AWS who has successfully cleared AWS Solutions Architect Certification exam. These professionals will be playing a crucial role in the solution development team & are responsible for handling the task of development of new services or applications within an organization. As a part of their job-role, these professionals need to work in collaboration with an enterprise architect for strategic direction. These professionals will also be playing a crucial role in the enterprises cloud migration process.

What Is Cloud Migration?

It can be simply interpreted as the process of moving the existing business operations completely into the cloud. As a part of the cloud migration process, enterprises will be moving their data, applications, and IT processes from the existing data centres into the cloud premise. You can get complete idea on how to build a successful cloud migration strategy through our AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

It is undoubtedly a typical process as it involves a lot of initial preparation and advance work to be done to successfully execute the migration process which would otherwise result in a big disaster for the concerned enterprise. Successful execution of the cloud migration process will help the enterprises in cutting down their infrastructure maintenance cost & delivers greater flexibility in their functioning.

Role Of AWS Solution Architect vs AWS Support in Cloud Migration:

AWS Solution Architects will be working closely with enterprise account teams and customers to accelerate the process of cloud migration. These professionals will be working towards getting a clear idea of customer business drivers, their current data centre architecture & based on the insights gained, they will be designing reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure foundation, and defining migration pathways.

These professionals will ensure that during the data migration process, data is intact and secure, and is not leaked during the process. They will also be ensuring that enterprises systems would stay operative till the completion of migration process.

On the other hand, AWS support will only be guiding you on how to use the services while AWS Solutions Architects will provide more guidance around which services to use and maybe how to use them. If in case, if you encounter a problem during your migration these professionals will device the perfect plan of actions to ensure a smooth migration process.

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