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Differentiating Traditional Business Intelligence with Modern Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence isn’t a new concept & is in existence for a long time. Over the time, the field of Business Intelligence has witnessed several advancements especially after the outbreak of Big Data revolution. Several new age analytics software tools & technologies have been developed that have made the concept of Business Intelligence a lot easier & effective. With the integration of Data Science, Machine Learning & AI technologies with Business Intelligence, enterprises have been quite successful in taking revolutionary leaps forward.

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Differentiating Traditional & Modern Business Intelligence:

  • Ease of Use

Traditional Business Intelligence process is a tedious & time consuming task as the entire process needs to be handled manually. Due to the resource & technology limitations, analytical teams weren’t able to perform to their full potential. However, with the latest technology innovations in the analytical industry, the modern Business Intelligence teams are well equipped with analytics tools & algorithms that would help them to explore deep inside Big Data & unearth its benefits to the full potential.

  • Multi-Cloud Support

Traditional Business Intelligence teams faced a lot of difficulties when it comes to handling large volumes of unstructured data. Integrating multiple data sources was considered to be one of the toughest challenges for the analytical teams. In the present time, the modern days Business Intelligence teams are backed by a strong cloud networking system that has made the process of analyzing large sets of data a lot easier. 

  • AI Capabilities

The modern Business Intelligence system is benefiting from the advancements in AI & Machine Learning technologies. With the integration of AI & ML technologies with BI, it has become possible to make accurate data driven smart predictions which isn’t seen in the traditional BI process.  

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