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Best Data Science Project Ideas That Can Get You Hired Instantly

If you are a Data Science career enthusiast, then working on unique project ideas would not only be helping in building your skills to the core, but would also make you stand out from others in the competition. There’s no other better way to showcase your Data Science professional in with your profile other than displaying the innovative Data Science projects on which you have successfully worked on.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of innovative Data Science project ideas.

  • Human Action Recognition

The objective of this project is to build a system which is capable of recognizing human actions. Here you will be designing a model which takes short videos as inputs. In the videos, humans would be performing certain actions and the system tries to classify the videos based on the actions performed.

Working on this project requires precise knowledge of neural networks, understanding accelerometer data & time-sliced representations, Keras library and few other aspects.

  • Gender & Age Detection

This is a challenging project which requires in-depth knowledge of Computer Vision and Machine Learning models & CNNs. This project works towards detecting the gender & age of a person by simply analyzing their facial features. This model classifies gender as either male or female and the age is classified in ranges of 0-2, 4-6, 8- 2, 15-20, 25-32, 38-43, 48-53, 60-100. This system will be working on a classification model instead of regression as it needs to take multiple aspects into consideration to accurately predict the persons’ gender & age.

  • Web Traffic Time Series Forecasting

Web traffic prediction is a popular application of time series forecasting. The objective of this project is to help the web servers to better manage their resources to avoid outages. Working on this project requires sound knowledge of Machine Learning models, Statistics, & Wavenets.

Apart from these, we have several other project ideas working on which can make your profile stand out from others at the time of your Data Science interviews.

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