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Understanding Configuration Management in DevOps

DevOps is a continuous process in the enterprises software or application development process. The success in DevOps implementation relies on several components that must work in unison to achieve the desired objective. One of the crucial aspects in the DevOps software/application development process is configuration management.

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What Is Configuration Management?

Configuration Management is used for representing the actual source of different configuration items. You must be surely wondering what a configuration item is. Configuration items can be anything that can be configured. Configuration items like source codes, tools, property files, servers, etc are very crucial for the success in the DevOps process.

You would surely be surprised to known that the term configuration management doesn’t hold the same meaning across all the industries. In the automotive industry, configuration management relates to the process of configuring the machine assembly lines which are the essential components of manufacturing. Here configuration item may also relate to inventory of various automobile parts which can be easily configured in the development process.

In the software development process, the term configuration management relates to the items that need to be configured and managed to successfully accomplish the project.

Configuration management can relate to many aspects in the software development industry. Some may relate it to the source code management alone & some others may relate it to a completely different aspect.

Configuration Management In DevOps-

In DevOps, the process of configuration management is termed as “comprehensive configuration management”. The configuration management process in DevOps is made up of the following components

Source Code Repository- This is crucial in the development phase

Artifact Repository- This would be crucial in both the development and operations phases

Configuration Management Database- This would also be crucial for development and operations phases

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