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DevOps Automated Testing vs Continuous Testing

Testing is a crucial process in the software of application development process. The process of testing involves validating the developed product against functional and non-functional requirements. The process if testing is very crucial because it helps in validating if the developed software or application is performing as per the design, and whether it satisfies all the given requirements or set of criteria mentioned by the client/user. Get a clear idea of the DevOps testing process by working on multiple capstone projects by joining for our advanced DevOps Training In Hyderabad program by experts.

Testing can be simply defined as the process of getting feedback to determine whether the developed product or software is accurate in its functionality. With rapid feedback development process can run very smoothly.

Automated testing is far better than manual testing process. If the testing is done manually it would take considerable time to identify the defects thus causing delay in the development process. On the other hand, by introducing automaton in testing, the process can be done continuously so both the development & testing process would be running simultaneously.

Automated Testing vs. Continuous Testing-

  • Automated Testing

In the automated testing process, the code which is build by the developers is run through multiple testing tools fed with testing scripts. Automated testing process doesn’t require much of human interference.

  • Continuous Testing

In the continuous testing process, the testing tools execute a sequence of test runs automatically following code integration. Just like in the automated testing process, testing tools here will also be relying on the test scripts. Continuous testing process too doesn’t require much of intervention from humans other than developing the test scripts at the beginning of the process.

The Difference In Automation & Continuous Testing Process-    

In the automation testing process requires integrating the code with the mainline, which is followed by developing test scripts, and the binaries are tested against these scripts automatically.

In Continuous Testing, earlier to code development, test scripts are developed. So upon integrating the code, the automated tests would run continuously in a sequence. Hence the name is Continuous Testing.

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