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The Guiding Principles Of DevOps

DevOps is an advanced culture which the enterprises need to adapt to keep up with the rapidly changing market needs. With the constantly changing IT requirements, companies need to develop software a faster rate to stay competitive. It is not just about the development of software and applications but bringing constant updates as per the changing market trends & customer needs. This requires enterprises to have Development & Operational teams who are working in collaboration to develop updates faster & then to detect & fix the bugs.

The Underlying Principles Of DevOps Approach:

DevOps practices apply throughout the products development life cycle & testing lifecycle, by making the development & operation teams to work in collaboration. This approach requires people with multiple skills –people who are happy with both the infrastructure and configuration & must also have intense knowledge of analyzing tests and restoring software.

What Is Devops Actually?

DevOps is preferably infinity symbol. It is all about:

  • Continuous Development
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Adding
  • Continuous Implementation
  • Continuous Monitoring

In the mean movement, the entire lifecycle of DevOps moves from planning stage to the monitoring stage this is actually a never-ending cycle (infinite), with various meet points.

3 principles for developing a DevOps strategy:

1. Adopting a people-centric mindset, with short feedback loops

2. Avoid the traditional model where each unit works separately, without control on complete picture.

3. Go for complete profiles, working in independent teams, where they can improve personally.

Is DevOps For Everyone?

DevOps is an awesome approach for companies that frequently start. For them, the ‘time to market’ is considerably decreased, which provides a huge economic benefit.

Yes, DevOps is for everyone. This would surely prove to be an awesome approach for enterprises that are new in the market. Adapting to DevOps culture takes time as the enterprises need to setup their infrastructure & resources accordingly. Once this is done then there’s no looking back. For them, the ‘time to market’ is considerably decreased, which provides a huge economic benefit.

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