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Innovative Artificial Intelligence Application Areas

Artificial Intelligence is a ground breaking innovation in the present 21st century. For several decades, Artificial Intelligence has just been a dream for many scientists and researchers. It was widely depicted in most of the science fiction movies & it didn’t took long for AI to come to live reality.

For those who are new to the technology of AI, it is the study and design of intelligent agents, systems or software which are capable of understanding their environment and are capable of taking actions on their own. Having realized the potential of AI, a number of companies have come forward to research & develop AI driven services or applications of their own. As the advancements in AI have now made it capable of understanding the human speech, several innovative applications have been developed based on this.

Still a lot of research work is in progress to present AI systems with advanced knowledge, planning, communication, perception & to make them adapt to situations on their own. Get a clear idea of the AI technology with our experts driven AI Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular applications of AI in use today.


Journalism is one of those areas which are largely being influenced by AI. Most of the present days news articles aren’t written by humans but are prepared by Artificial Intelligence systems. These systems are having the set of skills which would help them in discerning information & build articles that can be understood by everyone. In the years to come, they can expand to other areas as well.

Transport Industry-

The best examples for AI in use can be seen in the transport sector. A lot of research work is being carried out to design driver less cars that can navigate from one location to other on its own. Driverless car will soon become reality.

Customer Service-

With the help of advanced AI applications like Natural Language Processing, businesses are using Artificial Intelligence powered online customer service assistants to meet their customer service needs. These assistants are capable of understanding human questions & can engage in a formal conversation just like between two humans.

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