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Applications Of Machine Learning In Our Day-To-Day Life

Machine Learning is a promising technology in the field of computer science which presents machines or computer systems with the ability to mimic human intelligence. Being a subset of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is capable of making machines to perform tasks on their own without any human intervention. These machines learn from their past mistakes by analyzing their historical data. One of the differences between Machine Learning & AI is that ML systems process only the structured data whereas AI systems can process both structured & unstructured data.

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The applications in Machine Learning are now impacting our day-to-day lives & most of us aren’t even aware of the fact that we are surrounded with the applications of Machine Learning. Now, let’s take get a better idea of the day-to-day applications of Machine Learning

Virtual Personal Assistants-

Most of us are actively using virtual personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google in our smartphones. You must be surprised to know that the technology behind these smart personal Assistants is none other than Machine Learning.

Virtual Assistants are extensively used in areas like

  • Smart Speakers: Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • Smartphones: Samsung Bixby on Samsung S8

Social Media Services-

Most of the social media services like providing personalized news feed, customized ads targeting, friend suggestions, etc makes use of Machine Learning technology. These are among the most loved features in our social media accounts, without while most of us aren’t ware that these features are powered by Machine Learning.

Face Recognition

You must have noticed that whenever you upload a photo of you & your friend in social platforms like Facebook, it immediately shows the person name to tag. Facebook algorithms checks the unique features, and then match them with the people in your friend list. This process is also an application of Machine Learning.

Other popular Machine Learning applications are Products Recommendations in Ecommerce websites, Self Driving Cars, Google Translate, Fraud Detection and more. 

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