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Applications Of Data Science Across The Industries

Most of the enterprises around the world belonging to various sectors have agreed on the fact that Big Data & Data Science have become a big game-changer for them. Most of the modern industries these days are largely relying on Data Science & its relevant technologies to help them make revolutionary leaps forward. Data Science helps the enterprises in making the most out of their Big Data investments & helps the companies to make strategic decisions to stay competitive.

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As the hype surrounding Data Science is quite real, let’s have a look at some of the promising applications of Data Science across the industries

Communications, Media and Entertainment-

One of the major challenges for the media or entertainment industry is delivering content on-demand to the viewers. In general, viewers would be expecting rich media in different formats.  Some of the challenges of communications, media & entertainment industry include

  • Collecting, analyzing & utilizing the viewers insights across all the locations
  • Leveraging mobile and social media content
  • Studying the patterns in real-time

Data Science helps this industry by helping the companies get a better idea of their views interests & their choice of interests. It also helps in performing a detailed sentiment analysis on the viewers in real-time. Recommender systems in Data Science would also be playing a crucial role in helping the companies to deliver content recommendations which would mostly be of the users interests.

Manufacturing and Natural Resources-

Natural resources like oil, agricultural products, minerals, gas, metals, and others are always in demand. The rise in the demand for these resources has led to an increase in the volume, complexity, and velocity of data & this is quite a challenging task to accomplish.

In the same way, most of the data generated from the manufacturing industries around the world have so far remained untapped. This resulted in making the quality of products to remain unchanged, same old reliability, and no big improvements in the profit margins.

This is where Data Science has become crucial in both the areas. Predictive Modeling in Data Science helps in analyzing large amounts of data from geospatial data, graphical data, text, and temporal data. This would help in making accurate predictions about the availability of the natural resources at any given location. Similarly in the manufacturing industry, by analyzing the untapped data, Data Science is helping the companies to develop products of better quality & reliability that would ensure high profit margins.

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