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Agile Vs. DevOps: Understanding The Difference

DevOps is a new innovative culture adapted by the IT & Business enterprises & it emphasizes towards making the enterprises adapt to lean and agile work approach. On a broader scale, both DevOps & Agile are two different terms & if you are new to DevOps then understanding the difference between these terms is very much important.  

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Understanding DevOps?

The term DevOps can be interpreted as a software development process that emphasizes towards building better communication, integration, and collaboration between the development & the operational teams. DevOps strategies enable the enterprises towards achieving benefits like rapid deployment of products & better ROI’s.

Inside the DevOps culture, the development & operational teams will be working by complementing each others’ work. With this type of approach, deploying code to production can be done faster and in an automated way. This presents enterprises with the opportunity to deliver application and services more rapidly than ever before. So, DevOps can simply be termed as an alignment of development and IT operation.

What is Agile?

The process of Agile involves performing the development and testing task continuously throughout the software development process. If the development process is done in Agile environment then product would be broken down into smaller pieces and integrates them for final testing. This process can be performed in a number of ways like including scrum, kanban, scrum, XP, etc.

Key Differences Between DevOps & Agile-

DevOps works towards bringing the development and operations teams to work in collaboration as a single team whereas, Agile will be emphasizing towards achieving better collaboration, small rapid releases & regular feedbacks from the customers.

Constant testing & integration & delivery are the prominent aspects in DevOps while the Agile process focuses on constant changes.

The teams in the DevOps workforce are lager in number whereas Agile requires a small team size.

The prime objective of DevOps is to achieve continuous software development whereas the Agile works towards achieving end-to-end business solutions and fast delivery.

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