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Continuous Testing In DevOps

The prominence of testing in the enterprises software delivery process can never be ignored. One of the major drawbacks of manual testing is that it would be close to impossible to perform all the assigned test cases simultaneously in a software delivery project. This is where DevOps continuous testing and automated continuous testing pipeline would become crucial.

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Understanding Continuous Testing In DevOps-

Continuous Testing is a crucial process in the DevOps in the continuous delivery pipeline.  Automation would be playing a prominent role in the DevOps Continuous Testing process. This process involves multiple test phases wherein the testing process is carried automatically in parallel with the automated quality gates

Thus, continuous testing can be explained as the process of constantly running multiple automated tests, against the code base throughout the deployment environments.

Different testing process takes place at different integration environments. For example, integration tests happen on Integration environment where different components that are integrated together will be first verified. System tests takes place in the system testing environment where big systems which have multiple integrated components and interfaces are tested. The testing process continuous until the point of reaching the production phase.

Challenges In Continuous Testing-

The process of Continuous Testing becomes tougher as the process moves towards the production environment. This difficulty arises as a number of test cases will get added by the time of entering the production environment, thus making the testing process more complicated as the code matures.

This is where the automated testing process would crucial. Teams would deploy automation testing where the automated test cases are automatically triggered. As mentioned earlier, the process of continuous delivery would be involving certain manual tests and gates, wherein the code would be moved to the production environment upon successful execution of all the manual & automated test cases.

Benefits Of Continuous Testing Process-

With Continuous Testing enterprises can achieve benefits like

  • Better Quality & Speed throughout the testing process
  • Generates faster feedback for the code
  • Helps in boosting the overall performance of the team

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