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Advanced DevOps Tools Which You Need To Be Aware of In 2020

The advent of DevOps has given the software development a new outlook where the development & the operation teams can work complementing each other. If you are new to DevOps then the task of deciding which tool would be the best fit for your team would be quite challenging. So in this blog post, with the intent to help you make informed decisions, we have provided detailed information on two of the most extensively used & widely popular DevOps tools.

Git & Gradle are among the most popular DevOps tools that can ensure cost efficiency & bring better time management into the activities. Let’s have a clear look at them

  • Git

Git is one among the most popular & more predominantly used tools in the DevOps ecosystem across the software industry. Git can be interpreted as a distributed SCM (source code management) tool, which is adored both technical & the operational teams. The progress in the work from the development department can be easily tracked by using Git. Apart from this, by using Git we can save different versions of our source code & revert back to its original version at any instance. Git is mostly loved by everyone as it is well flexible in executing experiments by merging different features. 

If you interested to integrate Git with your DevOps workflow then you would be needing two host repositories namely GitHub & BItBucket.

  • Gradle

Gradle is among the most reliable Build tool in the DevOps ecosystem. The popularity of Gradle is increasing over the years as it is very versatile & allows you to develop your code in Java, C++, Python, or other languages.

  • Unlike Maven & Ant, Gradle makes use of Groovy-based DSL for describing builds  
  • Gradle gives entirely versatile and elite forms.
  • Gradle gives standard venture format and lifecycle, yet it’s full adaptability. We have the choice to completely arrange the defaults. This is the place it’s superior to expert.
  • The incremental builds here in Gradle are worth mentioning as they save a lot of compile time

Identifying the best DevOps tools may take some time. It usually takes time in experimenting. Once you are able to crack, then it allows you to test and analyses at minimal cost. Know more about the other promising tools involved in DevOps by getting enrolled for the Kelly Technologies advanced DevOps Training In Hyderabad program.

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