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Advanced Data Mining Tools That Are Making A Difference

Data Mining is a crucial step in the analytics process of Data Science. Accurate data mining can help the enterprises to gain benefit from the insights that are extracted from their Big Data.

Data Mining is very crucial towards transforming data into more refined/actionable information. In order to ensure accuracy in the insights that are extracted from the data, Data Mining makes use of advanced algorithms, statistical analysis, Artificial Intelligence & database systems.

Along with primary services, most of the popular Data Mining systems are known to provide other essential features like data warehousing & KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) processes.

Data Warehouse-

Data Warehouse can be interpreted as a large repository of integrated and time-variant collection of data that plays a crucial role in the helping the management with their decision making process.


Knowledge Discovery In Database (KDD) can be interpreted as a process of discovering most useful knowledge from a collection of large data

The rising demand for Data Mining has led to the development of numerous data mining tools.. There are a number of factors that help in determining which tool to investment in that can help in achieving desired results

Now, let’s have a clear look at the most popular Data mining tools in the analytics industry.

  • Rapid Miner 

Rapid Miner is an Open Source platform developed by the company with the same name. It is written in JAVA programming language. It helps in delivering an integrated based functioning environment for Deep Learning, text mining, ML & predictive analysis.

  • Orange

Orange is also an Open Source platform and is also the best fit for Machine Learning & Data Mining processes. It is also written in Python computing language. Orange is a component-based software & so its components are referred to ‘widgets’.

  • Weka

Weka is another popular Data Mining tool which is available for free. Weka is considered as the best fit for the processes of data analysis and predictive modeling. Weka comprises of advanced algorithms and data visualization tools which can support advanced applications involving Machine Learning.

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