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Is Data Science Related To Cloud? Explained

Before understanding whether Data Science & Cloud are related in any way let’s first know about what exactly does these technologies relate to

Data Science-

Data Science is a advanced multidisciplinary technology in the analytics domain. Data Science relates to interpreting with data to know where it originates from, what it speaks to and how it can contribute as a valuable asset for businesses across varied domains. With the advent of Data Science, analyzing data has never been this easier. The application of Data Science can help the enterprises achieving increment productivity, perceive new market openings, better understanding of customers interest & many more.

Cloud Computing-

Cloud computing can be explained as on-demand availability of resources like data storage and computing power over the internet. The administrations can be classified into three types namely Infrastructure as an administration (IaaS), Platform as an administration (PaaS) and Software as an administration (SaaS).

Now How Exactly Is Data Science Related to the Cloud?

While working on a project, Data Scientists would be completing majority of the Data Science processes on a local computer. In this process, Data Scientists also make use of programming languages like R and Python along with the IDE. Also in this process, Cloud Computing & Data Science can go hand in hand.

With Cloud computing, Data Scientists can now gain access to cloud based platforms such AWS or Azure that gets them gain access to advanced programming languages, tools and frameworks. 

And in general, Data scientists are more comfortable in working on Big Data tools like Hadoop for storing enormous levels of data. They also make use of other tools like Pig and Hive in order to retrieve the data in case if it lost during any of the analytics process.

Apart from using the Open Source tools like R, Python & Hadoop frameworks, Data Scientists also makes use of advanced Machine Learning tools, Tableau, Oracle RDB & several others.

As Data Scientists have to deal with large sets of by working on various tools and platforms, understanding cloud is very crucial for them. Grasp real-world knowledge of Data Science tools, algorithms & its relevant technologies by being a part of Kelly Technologies advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program. The advanced skill which you will get to build as a part of this Data Science training will help you towards becoming a job-ready expert in Data Science.

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