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Open Source DevOps Tools Of 2019 You Need To Know

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Before beginning with the context, if in case if you are of the thought that DevOps is a tool or software then let’s make it clear to you that you are totally mistaken. DevOps is not a tool or software but instead it’s a revolutionary culture that can be adopted by an organization for continuous improvement in various areas. DevOps strategies will help the organizations in bringing their Development & Operation teams work in collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Here below is the list of most extensively used open source tools in DevOps


Infrastructure monitoring is considered as the field that has many solutions starting from Zabbix to Nagios to dozens of other open-source tools. At present, many new business monitoring tools have been invented but among all Nagios considered as a veteran monitoring solution. Its functionalities are highly effective for business development because of the constant updates in its plugins.


Well in most of the cases some of the simplest tools prove to be more effective. The same is in the case of Monit. The functionality of Monit is to ensure that in any given process on a machine is up and running appropriately. Setting up & configuring Monit is a lot easier & it comes quite handy to be used for multi-service architecture that comprises of several hundreds of micro-services.

ELK – Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana-

ELK is considered as the best log analytics solution in the modern IT world. It helps in collecting logs from all services, applications, tools, & many more in an environment into a single, centralized location to be used for the purpose of processing and analysis. This tool is also used for the purpose of security & auditing & also for business intelligence. comes in very handy for operations related to service discovery & configuration in modern & elastic applications built from micro services. Its functionalities are best trusted for efficiency.


Jenkins is among the most extensively used tools in the DevOps ecosystem. Jenkins comprises of advanced plugins and add-ons & also supports customization.

Other tools that make entry in this category are Docker, Ansible, Collectd/Collectl, Git (GitHub)

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