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Insights To Trending Analytics Professions-2019

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Having a preview of the entire Data Science pipeline, it is definitely tedious for a single human to perform and at the same time excel at all the levels. Hence, Data Science has a surpluscareer options that require a spectrum set of skill sets.

Let us explore the top data science career options in 2019

1. Data Scientist

Dive into achieving demanding job roles with data science. People are well aware of the machine learning algorithms and understand when to actually use the appropriate algorithm. The reason why this role is so important in any organization is that the company tends to take business decisions with the help of the insights discovered by the Data Scientist to have an edge over competitors.

The Core Skills of a Data Scientist are:

  • Communication
  • Business Awareness
  • Database and querying
  • Data warehousing solutions
  • Data visualization

2. Business Intelligence Developer

BI Developer is a job role inclined more towards the Non-Technical domain but has a fair share of Technical responsibilities as well (if required) as a part of their day to day responsibilities. BI developers are responsible for creating and implementing business policies as a result of the insights obtained from the Technical team. It is noted that the BI Developers have a deep understanding of Business when compared to Data Scientist.

  • Core Skills of a Business Analytics Developer
  • Business model analysis
  • Data warehousing
  • Design of business workflow
  • Business Intelligence software integration

3. Business Analyst

Business Analyst is one of the most essential roles in the Data Science field. These analysts are responsible for understanding the data and its related trend post the decision making about a particular product. They store a good amount of data about various domains of the organization. These data are really important because if any product of the organization fails, these analysts work on these big data to understand the reason behind the failure of the project.

Core skills of Business Analyst

  • Business awareness
  • Communication
  • Process Modelling

Every career option in Data Science field works complimentary with one another. In any data-driven organization, regardless of the salary, every career role is important at the respective stages in a project.

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