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Why Is It Important To Integrate DevOps In Software Development Process?

DevOps is one of the rapidly evolving technologies that is transforming the IT & Software development process. DevOps strategies mainly stresses towards achieving enhanced productive margins through automated processes & agile approach. As a number of companies are showing interest in hiring DevOps professionals, this is a clear indication of the fact that that the industry is indeed moving towards adapting the DevOps culture.

As the demand for DevOps & the certified professionals in this platform are on the rise, this is the perfect time to build your career in DevOps. Acquire in-depth knowledge of strategies in DevOps, knowledge of tools & DevOps principles with the help of advanced DevOps Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies. 

Integrating DevOps in the enterprises software development cycle has many benefits. Let’s have look at these benefits.

  • Quicker Mitigation Of Software Defects

As both the development & operation teams in DevOps will be working by collaborating each other work, it will become a lot easier to identify and mitigate defects at any stage of the development cycle. In the same way while developing applications it will become easy to detect errors which would otherwise prove to be costlier.

  • Better Resource Management

In the traditional software or application development process, both the development & testing teams have to wait a lot for the resources which causing delay in delivery. This is no longer the case in DevOps. With agile work approach, the app development arrives in testing phase quicker than usual.

  • Reduced Human Errors

Unlike the traditional software or application development process where there’s a lot of scope for human related errors, DevOps process ensure towards diminishing human made errors in the development process through frequent iterations. With reduced errors, software or application can be quickly moved from the testing phase to the production phase.

  • Enhanced Version Control

DevOps benefits developers by allowing them to work on a programmable dynamic infrastructure throughout the software/application development lifecycle. Developers can also be benefited from the automated coding options.

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