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What Is The Role Of Data Science In Artificial Intelligence?

The age of 21st century is being termed as the age of Big Data. Performing simple tasks like searching on Google, performing online shopping, posting on social media & such would result in the generation of data in various forms. The best thing about is that it can be collected, analyzed, and monetized. With the help of advanced analytics techniques tools & algorithms we can easily extract the insights from the data no matter how large it may be.

The rapid advancements in Big Data & fast computing power is encouraging the decision makers of organizations to make out of the box data-driven decision that would benefit their company in a big way. Analyzing the insights from the data helps the enterprises in understanding the market, demand, the target demographic, etc which would help them in designing & launching products of user interests. With the intent to stay competitive, enterprises are now adopting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies in addition Data Science. This trend is only likely to surge upward.

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What Is AI Exactly?

Artificial Intelligence is a an advanced technology in the field of computer science which enables the systems or machines to mimic or simulate human intelligence. One of the most exciting part of AI is Machine Learning which is a subset to it.

AI & Machine Learning combined have given rise to many innovations which are earlier considered to be close to impossible. It’s because of these technologies that today we are having applications that can spot a friend’s face in a photo or steer a car.

How Exactly AI/ML Intersect With Data Science?

One of the major approach in a Machine Learning model is to develop algorithms that can receive input data and & predict the output through statistical approach. This process has some resemblance with Predictive Modeling & Data Mining in Data Science.

The major difference between the two technologies is that Data Science sets its focus on the entire data processing methodology rather than just focusing on statistics & building algorithms. 

The best action of these two technologies can be seen in the recommender systems in E-commerce websites or Netflix.

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