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Why Enterprises Are Storing Their Data In The AWS Cloud?

In this present 21st century, technology innovations are happening at a rapid pace & we are experiencing a new trend emerging in technology every now and then. At present, there’s a lot of buzz around the technology of cloud & many companies have started migrating their business operations into the cloud. So what is exactly cloud computing?

The term Cloud computing relates the process of storing data & transferring hosted service over the internet. By migrating their business operations to cloud, enterprises no longer need to worry large scale infrastructure set up & management as everything will be taken care of through virtual servers over the cloud. With cloud, enterprises can serve their clients uninterruptedly.

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About AWS Cloud Computing Platform:

Speaking of Cloud computing, most of the people are of the misconception it is completely related to storage service. However, the technology of cloud is beyond data storage, for instance, the leading global cloud service provider AWS offers more than a hundred different cloud based services to its clients. These services include content management, application development, cloud hosting, data management, data analytics, networking, email listing & many more.  The best thing about the AWS cloud service is that it offers low cost & highly scalable solutions to its users.  Users can easily scale up and scale down their resource power as per their application requirement.

Some of the most promising features of cloud computing that needs attention are Broad network access, On-demand self-service, Resource pooling, Multi tenacity, Rapid elasticity, Measured service, and many more.

The low cost, flexible & highly secured cloud solutions that are offered by AWS offer several benefits to businesses. EC2 Instance Type, S3 Storage service, etc are among the most popular solutions offered by AWS.

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