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Which Is The ideal Career Profession? Data Science vs Software Engineer

With the growing prominence for data, there’s a surge in the demand for data analytical technologies especially Data Science. With data having become the new oil that fuels the business development process, Data Science has become the engine that helps the enterprises in exploring the benefits of data to its full potential. Every business generates data & analyzing it is very crucial as it helps the enterprises in exploring new ways for revenue generation, understand their customer needs & their changing interests, predict the risks and many more aspects. Data Science is the most reliable source for the enterprises to explore deep into big data & gather all the necessary insights.

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With the growing demand for Data Science, many new job opportunities have been created that aren’t just innovative & challenging but are also highly paid roles. However, currently both fresher graduates & working professionals are more very much confused about their career path.

The common question that creates a sense of dilemma is whether they should build their career in Data Science? Or should they be going with Software Engineering? So, before answering this question, let’s first know what exactly is the job-role of a Software Engineer & a Data Science professional? 

Job Role Of A Software Engineer & A Data Scientist?

In general, as a part of their job-role Software developer need to build several lines of code, design and develop an application as pert the clients or end users requirement.  In contrast, the job-role of a Data Scientist involves working on large sets of Big Data to find solution to the complex data problems. As a part of their job-role Data Scientist will be working extensively on algorithms in Machine Learning, Statistics, Programming & several other areas.

Salary Packages Of Data Scientist and Software Engineer:

As per LinkedIn stats, the average salary for the role of Data Scientist is in India is ₹9,00,000 per year whereas, the average salary for a Software Engineer is around ₹5,20,000 per year.

The demand for Data Scientist isn’t limited to the field of IT & Business sector. There is a growing demand for Data Scientists across industries like Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Industrial and many more. Enterprises across every sector require Data Science to handle their growing volumes of data.

So, Data Science is undoubtedly an ideal career option as there are plenty of opportunities that would contribute to a rapid career growth. 

Can A Software Engineer Migrate To A Data Science Career?

Yes, as the Indian analytics industry is expanding at large, many IT professionals are willing to migrate their career into Data Science. Make a successful career migration into Data Science with Kelly Technologies Data Science Course In Hyderabad program. 

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