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Why Data Scientists & Artificial Intelligence Experts Are Crucial In The Age Of Big Data?

The job role of a Data Scientist or an Artificial Intelligence expert requires working on enormously large sets of data. Sometime the data will be so massive that it cannot be processed and analysed on RDBMS. And so in such cases Data Scientists should need to use Hadoop or Spark like frameworks to process and analyze large chunks of data. By making use of advanced analytics techniques & smart algorithms in Machine Learning, both Data Scientists & AI experts are very much capable of adding a value to the businesses, predict the occurrence of events of calamities, detect threats and much more.   

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Now, let’s have a look at the reasons why Data Scientists & AI experts are curial in the age of Big Data.  

  • To Predict The Trends

By analyzing the insights in Big Data, both Data Science & AI experts are very much capable of predicting the occurrence of any event. These predictions can be related to changes in the market trends, occurrence of cyber threats, customer interests, demand forecast and more.    

  • Rapid Deployment Of Automation

AI-driven smart applications & software solutions are helping the enterprises streamline their development process workflow. This helps the enterprises to be benefited from enhanced quality of and also with increased output at a reduced cost. With the application of AI companies can deploy automation more rapidly & effectively. AI makes it possible to automate any set of tasks however complex they might be.

  • Disaster Management

The role of AI & Data Science experts has become very crucial at the time of natural calamities. By carefully analyzing various metrics, these experts can effectively predict the occurrence of any natural disaster & report the same to the authorities.

Apart from these there are several other areas where Data Science & AI experts have crucial role to play. Build a successful career in these in-demand Big Data technologies by AI by being a part of the Kelly Technologies experts driven integrated career program of Data Science training.

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