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How DevOps Scorecard Helps In Delivering A Better Software

DevOps is a prominent software delivery culture DevOps culture whose prominence is growing beyond the leaps. Adopting the strategies in DevOps helps the enterprises in reducing the time for production lifecycle, faster delivery of products to market & also helps them in better serving their customers.

Grasp clear idea of the set of software delivery practices involving DevOps with the help of Kelly Technologies DevOps Training In Hyderabad program. Now let’s look at one of the most prominent aspects involving DevOps that is DevOps Scorecard.

What is a DevOps Scorecard?

DevOps Scorecard is one of the most prominent tools in EOS toolbox. DevOps Scorecard consists of a handful of numbers that helps the enterprises in evaluating how each & every department in the software/application development process is performing. It’s a way to identify the key activities that will help in achieving the desired business outcomes.

Key Benefits of Using a DevOps Scorecard:

  1. Accountability

DevOps scorecard helps the enterprises in becoming more accountable. Identifying the key metrics & scoring them alone wouldn’t full fill the process instead enterprises need someone who can deal with the task of analyzing the metrics & reporting the score on a weekly basis.  

  • Clarity & Commitment

DevOps Scorecard helps the teams to get a clear idea about the overall vision (i.e., improving software delivery performance). This will help them in breaking down the vision into individual team goals metrics. This approach will definitely help them in achieving the desired results.  

  • Numbers Produce Results

DevOps Scorecard presents several weeks of worth of data using which the software/application development & operation teams can re-evaluate and increase goals or adjust metrics as per the requirement. With meaningful insights, it becomes easy for the teams to spot and address issues before they get too out of control.

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