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What Makes AWS Better From Traditional Web Hosting Services

Web hosting used to be one of the most widely used methods by the enterprises to create, post, and manage a website over the internet. With the rapid advancements in technology, enterprises have now moved from the traditional server-based web hosting services to the advanced cloud-based hosting services. By delivering highly secured & cost-effective cloud hosting solutions, Amazon Web Services has now become the undisputed leader in the cloud-based hosting services. Make a smart career move by becoming a skilled cloud expert in the AWS & make the most out of the rising career opportunities in this platform. Get the best experts driven training & career guidance in AWS with the help of our advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, most of you must be wondering how the AWS cloud hosting service is superior to traditional hosting service. Let’s take a look at the reasons why enterprises these days prefer AWS cloud hosting over the traditional hosting services.

  • Scalability

Traditional web hosting services are mostly unstable & tend to crash if the website traffic increases beyond a certain limit.  Traditional hosting cannot scale & adjust based on the changes in website performance. Amazon Web Services better addresses this issue by increasing the bandwidth at any time whenever there is a sudden rise in website traffic. Being highly scalable, cloud-based AWS hosting ensure the smoother performance of the websites. AWS can also scale down the bandwidth automatically in case if the website experiences a constant fall in the traffic.

  • Flexibility

Speaking of flexibility, AWS cloud hosting is undoubtedly superior to traditional web hosting. AWS allows its users to select the programming language, web application programs, and operating systems of their own choice. With AWS, users can customize their services & software as per their requirements & this customization wouldn’t be possible in the case of traditional web hosting.

  • Cost-Effective

Who wouldn’t prefer to use a superior service that comes with an affordable price? AWS offers its services with several features to its customers at an affordable price. AWS follows a pay-per-use pricing model that lets its users pay only for the service they have used over a period of time. So, AWS cloud hosting services are not just efficient but are also cost-effective compared to traditional hosting services.

  • Speed

With AWS cloud-based hosting enterprises can easily optimize the performance of their website without any hassles. Traditional web hosting services slow down the performance of the websites whenever there’s high traffic & it is obvious that you wouldn’t like to wait on a website that has relatively low response speed.

So comparatively, cloud-based AWS hosting services are more superior to the traditional hosting services. This is the obvious reason why most of the enterprises these days are looking for skilled experts in AWS who are capable to handle all the complex challenges in this platform. Work towards making the most of the rising career opportunities in AWS by mastering the real-world skills with expert training by joining the best AWS training offered by our Kelly Technologies.  

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