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How Data Science Is Deployed To Fight The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Everyone must be aware of the Covid-19 Pandemic which is creating outright panic all around the world. First reported in China in November 2019, this virus has spread across 100+ countries & infecting more than 7lakh people. One of the primary reasons for the widespread of this virus is the lack of information about its symptoms.

Most of the people who have travelled abroad to the countries that had been affected by the virus have mostly carried the virus back to their own country. As the virus doesn’t show any symptoms until the first 14 days, people who are travelling had no clue that had already been infected by the virus. 

Now, let’s take a look at how government authorities around the world are deploying Data Science to fight back the Covid-19 pandemic.

How Data Science Is Being Used Against This Pandemic?

As the government authorities around the world have got a clear idea of how the virus spreads from one person to another, they have started collecting the travel history and medical records of their citizens who have been to abroad after the initial outbreak of Covid-19 in China.

The data thus generated was so huge that analyzing it with the traditional Big Data tools is close to impossible. The analyzing technique involves removing redundancy, scaling & and structuring the data for analysis & then visualizing the insights thus collected from the process. This is where Data Science becomes very crucial.

By subjecting the entire data which was collected from the citizens into the analytics process with Data Science it has become very easy for the government authorities to estimate the areas where the virus is more likely to spread, how many people could get infected, the amount of medical infrastructure they are going to need to treat the patients & the upfront budget they need to allocate to help the healthcare authorities to better handle the situation.

In addition to Data Science, Government authorities are also making use of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning driven solutions to fight back the Covid-19 virus. These technologies are deployed for the following purposes. 

  • For Tracking & To Accurately Forecast The Virus Outbreak
  • For The Process of Screening With Immediate Accurate Results
  • For Precise Research On Drug Development

So, it’s quite clear that the scope of Data Science & AI isn’t limited to any one particular field. As we are living in a world that is surrounded by Big Data, the demand for data-driven analytics solutions is at its peak & is given utmost prominence in every sector ranging from IT, Business, Healthcare, Banking to advanced Space Research & Defence sectors as well. This is the perfect time to step into this trending analytics technology of Data Science & to make the most out of the rising career opportunities in this industry. Be a part of our Kelly Technologies advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program by certified experts work towards building a strong knowledge-based foundation for a successful career as a Data Scientist.

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