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What Makes Amazon Web Services Superior to Azure & GCP?

The surging demand for the cloud solutions in IT, Business & Software Development industries must be well known to everyone. There are many enterprises that offer cloud services that are highly secured scalable and cost efficient. If we consider the top leading cloud service providers then, AWS would be leading the charts followed by GCP and Azure. Amazon Web Services which is otherwise known as AWS is the most in-demand cloud service provider that has several millions of customer base all over the world and still growing. 

AWS faces stiff competition from other cloud service providers like Google Cloud Computing (GCP), Microsoft Azure to name a few. Despite the growing competition in the market, AWS has still managed to become the leading cloud service provider globally.  You can know about the most in-demand cloud solutions offered by AWS with our AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s see observe the reasons that made AWS superior to Azure & Google Cloud.

Availability Zones:

Currently, Amazon Web Services has more than 66 availability zones & Amazon is in the process of expanding its zonal reach to many other regions. On the other hand, Azure currently operates in 54 regions & GCP is limited to only 20 regions around the world.  

Cloud Market Share:

Currently, AWS is the largest share holder of cloud market share as it holds more than 30% of global public cloud market share followed by Azure holding 16% & Google holds 10% of the market share.

Popular Clients:

Most of the Fortune 500 companies & leading IT Startups are investing in AWS for their cloud needs. Top companies like Netflix, Airbnb, BMW, Samsung, etc are relying on cloud solutions offered by AWS.

So, by summing up all these aspects, it’s quite clear that AWs is currently the undisputed leader in the cloud market share and you can now build a successful career in AWS with our intense AWS Course in Hyderabad program in collaboration with industry experts.

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