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How Data Science Matters in Image Recognition?

Image Recognition can be interpreted as an advanced concept in computer vision that typically works towards processing images, identifying people, patterns, objects, and shapes from images.  Image Recognition is an application of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies, and is playing a critical role in the precise automation of identification processes.

As we are clearly aware of the fact that both vision and speech are the primary interaction elements for humans, machines are now able to imitate these aspects through Data Science, Computer Vision and Speech Recognition technologies. We are already witnessing these features on our smart devices like Smartphones, and also in e-commerce platform. The rapid advancements in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are further simplifying the Image Recognition process. You can know about the Image Recognition process with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s see how exactly Data Science can assist Image Recognition.

  • Identifying Human Faces

There are many advanced Data Science tools that are very much capable of recognizing the human face and they accurately match the face with pictures that are stored in its database. Even in our smartphone we can see the use of these tools that help us in creating boundless digital images and videos. The data which is generated from these devices is being used to delivery user centric services by enterprises.

  • Detecting Objects

Data science tools that are integrated with Artificial Intelligence have the ability to not detect objects in the images. These tools are also cable of scanning the objects through a camera lens and accurately identify their names. Most of the smart digital features that we see in our smartphone camera are actually powered by these tools. These Data Science tools will also be playing a crucial role in image content search techniques.

  • Recognizing Patterns

Data Science tools embedded with AI and Machine Learning technologies are very much capable of recognizing any special patterns. The concept of Pattern Recognition is largely dependent on the data which is stored in the database.

You can build expertise in Image Recognition and several other advanced techniques that are associated with Data Science with our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program.

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