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What Makes Amazon Web Services So Popular In The Cloud Industry?

Amazon Web Services is an affiliate of the E-Commerce giant Amazon. AWS offers on-demand, elastic cloud computing services and related APIs for users, organizations, and government entities, on a pay-per-use basis. The cloud solutions offered by AWS are renowned for their scalable and low cost and highly secured features. Enterprises that have successfully migrated their business to the cloud have been highly successful in delivering their high-end customer centric services to their clients.

Amazon Web Services has been the pioneer in developing an on-demand infrastructure for small to medium sized businesses & large scale enterprises. Amid the rising demand for AWS, the demand for the skilled and certified cloud experts in AWS is on the surge. Make a successful career transition into the technology of cloud with our advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

What Makes AWS So Popular?

  • Extensive Customization

Amazon has a number of tools that support extensive customization. For example, there are Amazon Code Hosting, Amazon CloudFormation, Amazon CodeDeploy, and Amazon CodeCommit which allow you to build scalable infrastructure as per your application or service needs.  They also provide custom-built application software as well as other tools such as web-based application platform development, buildpack distribution, and more.

  • Wide Range Of Solutions

Amazon Web Services offers a variety of services such as Content Delivery Network, CDN, Application Load Balancing, Automatic Scalable Infrastructure, Cloud Storage, Database Migration, Data Center Replication and more. They also offer advanced analytics, web development tools, and tools for e-commerce, and mobile apps.

  • Secured & Unlimited Data Storage

Amazon is the leader when it comes to data storage. There are various types of Amazon servers which have the capacity and flexibility to hold all types of customer and business data. Amazon S3 is the most widely used cloud based storage service.

Amazon is constantly adding more features to their existing products and services. Stay relevant with the latest trends in AWS with the help of our AWS Course In Hyderabad program.

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