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What Are The Crucial Tasks Of A Data Scientist?

Data Science has become a buzzword in recent years and is now the fastest growing career path among job seekers. This field is widely recognized for its focus on the use of algorithms, scientific techniques, computer science algorithms, statistical methods, mathematical techniques and software to analyze large sets of unstructured and structured data and extract useful knowledge and insights.

As the entire world is transforming digitally, data management and analysis has become as major problem of concern. Data Science has become the need of the hour for businesses across the industry verticals to retain and analyze large volumes of information form data. It is a growing discipline that requires a comprehensive understanding of Big Data, Statistics, Programming with Python & R, SQL, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization and more.

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Crucial Tasks Of A Data Scientist

  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Analysis
  • Modeling/Statistics

Data Cleaning:

As a part of their job-role, Data Scientists need to find solutions to the problem in hand by analyzing data. To attain accurate results from data, Data Scientists need to ensure that data is accurate and free from all forms of anomalies.  Data needs to be nicely formatted and all the data quality issues need to be addressed before analyzing the data. The entire process of removing data anomalies and improving the data quality is known as Data Cleaning.

Data Analysis:

Data Analysis is one of the crucial skill sets where Data Scientists have expertise. The data which is collected and cleaned is analyzed to detect find the relation between the data sets, to uncover the hidden patterns and trends, and to extract the insights that are encrypted deep inside data. These insights are converted into actionable insights to make accurate data driven strategic decisions. 


Based on the problem in hand, Data Scientists might use either statistical modeling or Machine Learning algorithms to train the models and make predictions. At present there’s a huge demand for Data Scientists who are skilled in Machine Learning.

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